Enhance your Comfort ~ Lower Energy Costs

Your home’s temperature isn’t the only thing that can affect your comfort:
Too little humidity can cause uncomfortable static shocks, scratchy throats, and dry skin, while too much humidity can make you feel sticky, and your air stuffy – robbing you of a good night’s sleep.

Clean Comfort whole-home products were designed with energy efficiency in mind:

Whole home air cleaners by Clean Comfort help protect and maintain the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system by eliminating the build-up of dirt, dust and other pollutants. These pollutants can reduce your system’s efficiency, increase maintenance calls and lead to premature failure of your heating and cooling system.

Clean Comfort humidifiers and dehumidifiers can make the air feel warmer and cooler respectively, allowing you to adjust your thermostat to lower and higher settings, saving on energy costs. They also help to preserve and protect your home and belongings.

Whatever your indoor air issue may be, Clean Comfort has a whole-house solution that can help. Contact your local Clean Comfort distributor to find out which Clean Comfort product is best for your customers. Visit website.

Clean Comfort Product Catalog 2018


AMP Replacement Filters Product Specs

AM11-CleanFit Product Specs

AMB11-Builder Product Specs


DV070 Product Overview

DV098 Product Overview

DV155 Product Overview

Purification – UV Coil Purifiers

UV Coil Purifiers Consumer Brochure

UC18S15-24 & 24B Product Overview

UC36D16-24B Product Overview

UC36D16-DV & UC36DL16-DV Product Overview

Purification – UV Air Purifiers

UV Air Purifiers Customer Brochure

UA Series Customer Brochure

UA2000DV-CB Product Overview

UA4000DV-CB Product Overview

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