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ALL-ACCESS DEVICES by MSD Research Inc. are a complete line of condensate safety shut-off float switches and condensate line access and maintenance accessories. The new patent pending devices are designed to meet the 2015 ICC DRAIN LINE MAINTENANCE CODE IMC(307.2.3) and IRC(M1411.3.3) “Condensate drain lines shall be configured to permit the clearing of blockages and performance of maintenance without having to cut the line.”  Additionally, they meet the 2014 Florida Mechanical Code Section 307.2.3#4 that states that an overflow cutoff device “shall be installed in the primary drain line, the overflow drain line or in the equipment-supplied drain pan, located at a point higher than the primary drain line connection and below the overflow rim of such pan.” ALL-ACCESS devices offers multiple cost effective solutions to meet these codes using single or multiple devices depending on the specific application and contractor’s preferences. ALL-ACCESS TOOLS are the least expensive, easiest to use tools for clearing and flushing 3/4” condensate lines.

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